good business.

Good Electrons understands that every business is unique and we enjoy working intimately with our clients to solve technology problems and help their businesses grow.

Don’t be surprised if our technicians ask to learn about your business or if we ask to watch your business at work.  After learning how our clients use their technology systems we can pinpoint areas of their workflows that are slowing them down, could be dangerous, or aren’t working as well as they could be.  If we have been called in because our clients already have problems this also helps us ensure we understand the problem completely. 

Armed with this information we provide our clients with prioritized technology plans and budgets that work to eliminate technology problems.  Our clients are always happy with our staged approaches to growth.  We understand technology systems are expensive.

Our Approach:

Managed IT Systems.    Good Electrons provides 100% support of our clients technology systems for a flat rate monthly or quarterly fee.  If you have any questions or problems with your network we act as a single point of contact for your questions and answers. 

We can manage systems that are located on our client’s site or ‘in the cloud’.  Our clients like to have us manage their IT systems because it simplifies their technology budget and ensures that potential problems are resolved before they disrupt business operations.

Cloud Services.  Our clients like cloud servers and cloud services when they favor world-wide system access over speed and/or would rather budget monthly for their IT System hardware instead of making large initial purchases.

Good Electrons can provide cloud servers for you, or we can manage the cloud contracts you already have.

Onsite Support.  Good Electrons technicians are standing by for your support needs and are available for your support requests whenever you need them.

Remote Support.  Good Electrons utilizes remote support whenever possible to provide the quickest solutions to our clients.

What our clients say:


Here at Relax The Back, when we came in one day and found our point-of-sale computer DOA we were hard-pressed not to panic. I immediately called Michael at Good Electrons and he made time in his busy schedule to come over that morning to diagnose the problem. After arriving he quickly discovered our fried hard drive and took it back to his business for repair. He left us with a loaner computer (so we could process transactions) and we had our repaired computer back at the shop up and running the following afternoon. All through this process Michael was exceptionally professional and competent while doing a great job clearly explaining the problem and optional solutions. His great service and very reasonable prices makes Good Electrons an obvious choice for us if we ever have computer problems again. I highly recommend Good Electrons to anyone!


Bruce Kaspian
Relax the Back
San Luis Obispo, CA


I believe we have a killer solution that is well ahead of anything the competition may be doing for a much, much lower cost.


Carlos Bobadilla
Silverado Stages
San Luis Obispo, CA