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Today’s artists share an intimate relationship with their computer as it has become their paint-brush, pencil, or darkroom.  We have personally experienced the frustration a computer can cause for an artist who used to be able to work more proficiently without it.  It’s our goal to ensure that technology systems don’t interfere with the design process and that they move as quickly as you do.

Working with Good Electrons can avoid the ‘my nephew helped me syndrome’ that leads to poor performance, unsafe data storage, and an overall disappointment of the computerized creative process.

Our Approach:

Planning and Experience.  We leverage our experience with a multitude of clients to ensure that our design clients always get 'the best bang for their buck' and real performance for their money.

We Use the Tools You Use.  Two Electrons hold a degree in Art and Design from Cal Poly, and the Lead Electron spent a decade learning how designers interact with computers and technology systems by managing a thirty user computer network for a engineering firm in SLO.

We Understand your Budget and Goals.  There is a reason they call us 'starving artists' and we recognize the financial burden of being a digital artist.  Even if you are not starving we always have a strong focus on your bottom line and ensure that computer systems always offer a good return on your investment.

What our clients say:


Here at Relax The Back, when we came in one day and found our point-of-sale computer DOA we were hard-pressed not to panic. I immediately called Michael at Good Electrons and he made time in his busy schedule to come over that morning to diagnose the problem. After arriving he quickly discovered our fried hard drive and took it back to his business for repair. He left us with a loaner computer (so we could process transactions) and we had our repaired computer back at the shop up and running the following afternoon. All through this process Michael was exceptionally professional and competent while doing a great job clearly explaining the problem and optional solutions. His great service and very reasonable prices makes Good Electrons an obvious choice for us if we ever have computer problems again. I highly recommend Good Electrons to anyone!


Bruce Kaspian
Relax the Back
San Luis Obispo, CA


Goodelectrons has saved me time and stress a number of times. I know that when I call I get fast and very reliable service. If you are looking for knowledgeable technicians you can trust I would tell you to call Goodelectrons!


Linda Lex
Healthy Inspirations
San Luis Obispo, CA