Home and Home Office

good support at home.

We have seen great businesses start at home and work with many great business owners in San Luis Obispo county who call their office home.  We also understand it can be tricky to get technology to work properly when you get it home.

Some of our more common requests are:

  • Setting up Wireless Networking or a Shared Storage Server
  • Printer Setup
  • Data Backups and Migrations to new computers
  • Customized high power / special use Computer Builds
  • Purchase Recommendations and Onsite Setup
  • Computer Repair (hardware failure, blue screens, lockups, virus, etc)
  • Software Installs
  • VOIP Telephone setup (IE Vonage)
  • Purchasing, Delivering and Setting up a computer for a parent or student
Our Approach

Free Consultation.  Give us a call for a free quote.  We will learn about your project and see if we can help before any fee is due.

Pickup and Delivery.  Good Electrons will install all your technology systems onsite to insure that all your printers, networking, ipods and other devices work correctly.  We also offer extensive training in their use.    

Remote Support.  San Luis Obispo is a big county.  We leverage some of the best remote support technologies to offer fast resolutions to problems no matter where you are.

Consistent Relationships.  Get to know your technician personally and don't waste time troubleshooting steps you've all ready attempted or getting lost in phone systems.

Fair pricing.  We offer high quality computer support and training for clients whom have technology systems located at their private residence.  Our onsite service rates start at $125.00 per onsite project.  Training rates start at $65.00 per hour with block discounts available.  Remote support starts at $50.00 per remote project and are billed hourly.   Our fees and support services are optimized for clients who desire the best support and training, want to accomplish specialized tasks, have concerns about data loss or privacy, or are a running business from home. 

What our clients say:


I wish to express my deep gratitude for your excellent service. It was above and beyond in a time where customer care is sometimes forgotten. I have an older computer which had issues to say the least. Micheal promptly gave it new life, and now it is far better than before. It is amazing! Prompt, knowledgeable, kind, caring, trustworthy and affordable would be my description of them.


Shell Beach, CA


i was traveling through SLO for a day when my netbook's operating system failed. i needed tech support quickly and called good electrons on a whim. Mike went out of his way to meet me at a coffee shop in town with his laptop and several other tools. we got my netbook in working order which saved the next several days of my trip. service was friendly, prompt, and exceeded expectations. i'd highly recommend good electrons if you're in SLO and need tech support.


Jake Hofman
New York